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Главная » 2010 » Июнь » 17 » Sport and fitness. Olympic Games
Sport and fitness. Olympic Games
     Sports play an important role in our life. Thousands of people play different sport games, go in for track-and-field ath­letics, cycling, boxing and so on. Figure-skating, skiing and skating are among the most popular winter sports. They attract the attention of millions of fans who gather together at the sta­diums and skating-rinks to enjoy their favourite kind of sports. People go in for sports because sports help them to keep fit and develop a healthy body. They say, "Health is above wealth". Of course, sometimes it's difficult to find time for going in for sports regularly, people are so vary busy now. But if you arrange your day correctly, you can find an opportunity for sports. There are lots of stadiums, sports clubs and sports grounds in our country.
     Besides, pupils have PT lessons at school. As a rule, schoolchildren love these physical training lessons because they make schoolchildren strong, quick and healthy, they develop muscles and give a lot of energy.
     From time to time every school organizes competitions in different kinds of sport. The most popular sports at school are basketball, football and volley-ball. In summer, of course, people prefer swimming to any other kind of sports, because swim­ming gives much exercise, makes a man strong, healthy and cheerful.
     Our health depends on our way of life. They say, "Health is above wealth". That means we must take care of our health.
     To begin with we should have proper food at regular hours. We must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables every day because they contain plenty of vitamins. There is a saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". But not only healthy food is impor­tant. What really matters is physical exercise. Even a lit­tle exercise each day will keep you fit. Swimming, skating or skiing gives us a lot of exercise. It helps to feel healthy and cheerful after a hard day at school or at work. Cycling is useful exercise, too. It gets you out into the fresh air. You find new places, see new sights. You can stop anywhere and there are no parking problems.
     Some people prefer camping out, the weather of course, must be good. You can't find it pleasant to sit in a tent, shivering with cold, while it's raining cats and dogs.
Many people enjoy training in a gym, taking exercise classes or doing exercises at home. But all of them believe that physical fitness is very important.
     The Olympic Games have a very long history. They began more than 2 thousand years ago in Greece. The ancient Greeks of­ten waged wars. Small states suffered a lot from these wars. They wanted to live in peace with their neighbours. So it was decided to organize athletic games in Olympia. These games took place every four years and all wars were stopped during the Games. Usually the Olympic Games began before the middle of summer. All the cities in Greece sent their best athletes to take part in them. All athletes took an oath and promised to compete honestly and keep the rules of the Games. The Olympic Games ware accompanied by arts festivals. Only men could take part in Olympic Games. Women were not allowed even to watch the competitions at the stadium under the penalty of death. The competitions lasted five days. The winners in each kind of sport or art got an olive wreath which was the highest honour. When the champions came back home, the people greeted them with flowers. The Greeks often put statues of their cham­pions in the city squares, because they brought glory to their native city.
     For a long time, from 394 till 1896, there were no Olym­pic Games. The first Games of modern times began in 1896 in Athens, Greece. Competitions in nine kinds of sports were held: athletics, swimming, gymnastics, weight-lifting, wrestling, tennis, fencing, cycling and shooting. Winter sports namely figure-skating was included in the Olympic programme for the first time in 1908.
     At first only men took part in the Games. Later rules were changed many times. Women and girls were allowed to take part in competitions, many new sports and games were added. But one thing remains unchanged - the popularity of these in­ternational festivals of health, youth and beauty.
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