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Mass Media
No doubt, mass media are an important part of our life, because reading newspapers and magazines, watching TV, listening to the news on the radio, making cell phone calls, surfing the net are our main means of getting information in all its variety.
Newspapers with their enormous circulation report different kinds of news. They carry articles which cover the latest international and national events. Now people also buy newspapers for the radio and TV programmes which they publish. There are newspapers and magazines for young people. They give a wide coverage of news, events and reports on education, sports, cultural life, entertainment and fashion. And besides they represent the views of today’s youth.
Radio broadcasts are valued mainly for their music programmes and they are a great source of information for the audience as well.
TV, radio, press reflect the present day life. Their information may vary from social and economic crises, conflicts, wars, disasters and earthquakes to diplomatic visits and negotiations, from terrorism and corruption to pollution problems, strikes and social movements. Much information about official governmental decisions is published.
TV and the Internet are the most popular kinds of mass media now. Viewers are fond of watching variety of shows, films, sports, plays, games, educational and cultural programmes. We have many different channels, including commercial channels. There are many interesting and exciting programmes. Unfortunately at the same time we can see different horror films, thrillers, detective films with all their cool-blooded atmosphere of violence and endless crimes and murders.
Our family is also a mass media consumer. I have a TV set in my room. The culture programmes like "Kultura” are my mother’s favourite, my farther is a hockey fan, he likes to watch sport programmes. I’m not keen on a particular kind of programmes. I like to see a bit here and a bit there. I can also say I like programmes about traveling and traditions and culture of other countries.
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