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Education in Russia
     People in our country have the right for education. It is our Constitutional right. But it is not only a right, it is a duty, too. Every boy and every girl in Russia must go to school, that is, they must get a full secondary education.
     Before children start going to school, many of them attend kin­dergartens until they are six or seven. Compulsory education in our country begins at the age of 7, when children go to primary school. This is the first stage of their schooling and lasts three or four years. The chil­dren learn to read, to write and to count. They also have Drawing, Music and Physical Training classes. Secondary stage begins from the 5 form where children have a lot of new subjects, such as Literature, History, Natural Science, Physics, Algebra and Geometry, a foreign language and others. Examinations are taken at the end of the 9th and the 11th year. Af­ter passing their school-leaving exams at the age of 16 or 17, young peo­ple receive a Certificate of Secondary Education. Some children may leave school after the 9th form and continue their education at vocational or technical secondary schools or colleges.
     Besides general regular schools there are other types of secon­dary schools in Russia. There are specialized secondary schools with a profound study of certain subjects, such as foreign languages, Lit­erature, Physics or others. In specialized language schools a foreign language is taught from the second year. There are also specialized Art, Music, Ballet and Sport schools for gifted children, and special schools for handicapped children. Among the new types of secondary schools there are gymnasiums and lyceums, some of which are free.
     Among higher educational institutions there are universities, in­stitutes, academies, where the course of studies is normally five years. To enter a higher educational institution young people have to take entrance examinations. Higher as well as secondary education in our country is free. But at present a lot of fee-paying independent col­leges, departments of different universities appeared in the sphere of education. The market of services and educational services as well is very broad and diverse now.
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